Pistol Team News:  The club Pistol Team has won the 2013 GOAL Massachusetts Gallery Pistol League Championship Match held in Braintree on June 8th.  To see more information on this and our team please CLICK HERE.

Important Notice:  Shot shells are not allowed in the club!  We have posted signs stating so and it is not one of the allowed calibers.  We have found .410 shells on the range from members shooting them from their handguns.  We will be reviewing video and anyone caught shooting shotshell will immediately have their keycard shut off and proceedings will begin for expulsion from club membership.

Congratulations to the Acushnet Pistol Team for winning the 2013 GOAL Massachusetts Gallery Pistol League Championship Match!!!  This was our first ever 1st Place Finish at the GOAL Match and also the club's first ever undefeated season with a 30-0 Cape Cod League Season.

First Place Finishes in the Monday Night Cape Cod Pistol League!!!

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First Place Finish in the Tuesday Night Twin County Pistol League!!!


About Our Club


The Acushnet Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc. was founded in June of 1960, the one acre of land was purchased from the Town of Acushnet for $100.00 with the stipulation that the Acushnet Police Department would have access to the free use of the club with the exception of two nights a week for club activities (Competition League Shooting Monday and Tuesday evenings 7:00 to 10:00).


An electronic key card is issued to members to access the clubs firing range.  A photo I.D. Badge is also issued to members to wear whenever using the club facilities.  Range hours of availability are 8 AM – 10 PM, 7 days a week.  It is an indoor shooting range with 8 shooting stations.  There are 4 for use with up to 45 caliber and 4 for use with no more than 38 calibers.  Wire retrieval system to send targets out 25 feet and 50 feet.   Adjustable, low lighting situation shooting is available at each station.  Restroom and refreshments are available.  The facility has a heating system for your comfort and is well exhaust ventilated!  The range was fitted with sound-proofing materials about 10 years ago at a great expense to the club but proved to be a real benefit to the members.  The range is quieter to shoot at than most you will visit.

We Are Proud to Support the NRA and GOAL



Important Announcements

Our next club meeting is posted on the club calendar. Please try to attend if you can make it.

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Club Officers:

President:  Andy Gomes

Vice President:  
Scott Furtado

Ginny McMahon-Higgins

Dennis Leclair

Board of Directors:  Dick Collard

Board of Directors:  Chris Furtado

Board of Directors:  Marty Higgins
Acushnet Rifle &  Pistol Club

215 Leonard St.
Acushnet, MA
(508) 995-8757

For information inquiries regarding the Acushnet Rifle & Pistol Club please send an email to info@acushnetrifleandpistol.com.