Club Membership Dues Information:


New Club Membership Dues Rules - Effective January 1st 2015 -  Please click HERE for the flyer containing the new information.

Important Notice: The Acushnet Rifle & Pistol Club requires a sponsor for membership. The sponsor MUST be one of our current members who will vouche for the new applicant. If you do not know a current member but want to join the club you can come to a meeting or two and meet the members and a current member will likely sponsor you.  Please read below to see what the sponsorship requirements are for new members.

Our club membership is for the calendar year for each year and not 1 year from the date of each member joining the club.  We do not send out renewal reminders to the members and it is up to each member to send in their fees and documentation for NRA and GOAL.  We DO NOT require a new application to be filled out at the time of renewal as these are ONLY for new members.  If membership renewal is not completed before March 31st of each calendar year the keycard for the member will be turned off until the renewal is completed and the member will be required to pay the $50 initiation fee again as a new member would.

Club dues are $75 per year and are required to be paid no later than January 31st each year. Notice: Club dues will be increased to $75 per year starting in January of 2014. Also please note that the 2016 year dues will need to be paid by January 31st.  We will no longer have a 3 month grace period after this year and there will be a cap on membership and a waiting list for new members once that cap is reached.  Also we only take checks for payments for dues and no longer take cash.   Please include your Goal and NRA documentation with your renewal fee. Please send to the following address below:

Acushnet R&P Club
215 Leonard Street
Acushnet MA 02743

Applications are currently being taken for membership.  You can download and print the application by clicking on the links below.  Please fill out the application and mail it along with your payment to the address on the application.  After review and processing you will be contacted by a member of the Acushnet Rifle & Pistol Club with further information regarding your membership.  Fees and policies are explained in the application.  Please keep in mind that NRA and GOAL membership ARE required for membership.  We also require all new members to have taken a firearms safety course within the last 5 years. 

Important Note *  When submitting your application please include a headshot photo measuring 1"H X 3/4"W for your club badge.  This is approximately the same size you submitted on your LTC or FID.

The following items are required to be submitted with your application:

  • Pages 1 and 2 of the application
  • A headshot photo the same size as LTC photo.  Passport photo is too large and can not be used
  • Copy of GOAL and NRA membership cards or email verification of membership or renewall
  • Photocopy of your MA firearms license
  • Photocopy of your MA safety course taken within the last 5 years
  • A check made payable to Acushnet Rifle and Pistol Club.  We do not take cash for payments.
***If any  above item is not included or provided at the start of the meeting when the applicant is joining then the applicant will need to wait until the next meeting to join after providing the missing item.

Acushnet Rifle Membership Application Page 1

Acushnet Rifle Membership Application Page 2

All current club members will need to download and fill out the form below and mail it in with your check when renewing membership.  

Acushnet Membership Requirements

Copies of your NRA and GOAL membership cards are required for renewal of membership.  Only copies of the card itself or printed email confirmations will be accepted.  Pieces of GOAL or NRA magazines will not be accepted as forms of proof.  Keycards for those renewing and not providing the proper information will be turned off until the proper documentation is submitted to the club.

Please submit questions regarding membership to:

Club Sponsorship Procedure

  • The sponsor needs to be present at the meeting in which the new member joins the club.
  • The new member will receive their badge and keycard after the initial orientation.
  • Once the sponsor has taken the new member to the club a minumum of three times and feels comfortable the new member is safe and proficient the sponsor will request the keycard to be turned on.  A club officer will then turn on the keycard for the new member. 
  • A sponsor needs to be a member of our club for a minumum of 2 years before they can sponsor a new member.

Club Guest Policy

The club guest policy is as follows:
•    Each member can bring only 1 guest per visit.
•    Members are allowed to bring immediate family as guests as often as they would like.
•    Members are not allowed to bring the same guest repeatedly in order to circumvent           that guest from joining the club. 
•    Members who bring a guest that does not have a valid LTC or FID are required to stand       behind and monitor that shooter at all times while guest is shooting.
•    Members are required to monitor at all times any youth shooters during the time they       are in the club.  
•    Members are responsible for their guest!  Be sure your guest understands the club               rules as you are responsible for the actions of that guest.  Safety is the most                   importing thing!

We Are Proud to Support the NRA and GOAL



Important Announcements

Our next club meeting is posted on the club calendar. Please try to attend if you can make it.

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Club Officers:

President:  Andy Gomes

Vice President:  
Scott Furtado

Ginny McMahon-Higgins

Dennis Leclair

Board of Directors:  Dick Collard

Board of Directors:  Chris Furtado

Board of Directors:  Marty Higgins
Acushnet Rifle &  Pistol Club

215 Leonard St.
Acushnet, MA
(508) 995-8757

For information inquiries regarding the Acushnet Rifle & Pistol Club please send an email to