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 Whether shooting in the USA, Australia or any other country the basic principals regarding gun safety, fundamentals, training and techniques are essentially the same.  Our friends at SSAA in Australia have given us permission to offer for download a great handgun shooting guide they have assembled.  This is a great piece of literature for anyone new to target shooting or that just wants to learn the basics of handguns.  Their website is  and the manual can be downloaded here from our hosting site: 
Handgun Shooting Guide.

One very useful tool for many competition shooters is the Handgun Target Analysis Guide that will show the most common causes for shooting at a particular location on the target.  This has been an invaluable guide for many target shooters to hone their skills and correct mistakes in form and technique.  This is the first file offered for download below and is highly recommended to keep in your pistol case.  Also we are offering free targets for you to download and print to use if you would like.

Handgun Target Analysis Guide

Free Small Caliber Target

Free Small Caliber Target Orange

88 Various Targets In One File    


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