The indoor range is for the use of QUALIFIED MEMBERS and Guests only! The indoor range is open from 8:00 A.M. until 10:00 P.M. 7 days a week.  Access to the range is restricted and access is granted through your security card.  Any misuse of the facilities will be cause for temporary suspension of privileges or permanent revocation of membership.  The condition of the range should be examined and documented upon arrival by each member.

REMEMBER- OUR club is OUR responsibility to take care of. 

Be sure to pick up your brass in your station and behind you.  If someone else neglects this please be a good member and pick up that brass as well.  The brass on the range itself is not required to picked up after each shooting.  If alone and have time when it is safe a member can (but not required to) clean up the brass on the range itself.  That can be cleaned up periodically when convenient and safest for the members. 

Please do not leave your targets on the hangers when you leave.  Make sure all used targets are either stacked with the other used ones or put in the trash.

Please be sure all duds are put safely in the dud box.  If the dud box is getting full a call to one of the officers is needed to ensure it is safely and properly emptied.

If you see the trash needs emptying or a mess needs to be picked up it would be greatly appreciated by all members if you would do this.  Trash day is Tuesday and it would be nice if members could bring the trash out if needed before then. 

We are dedicated to our recycling program so please be sure to put all paper targets in the blue recycling bin and DO NOT throw them in the trash.  Also we have a box in the corner of the club room dedicated to our soda can recycling.  Please throw all empty cans in that box and NOT in the trash can. 

We Are Proud to Support the NRA and GOAL



Important Announcements

Our next club meeting is posted on the club calendar. Please try to attend if you can make it.

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Club Officers:

President:  Andy Gomes

Vice President:  
Scott Furtado

Ginny McMahon-Higgins

Dennis Leclair

Board of Directors:  Dick Collard

Board of Directors:  Chris Furtado

Board of Directors:  Marty Higgins

Please be sure to turn off the lights, exhaust fans, and electric heaters before you leave.  Our furnace heat works on the timer and does not require you to turn the furnace off with the switch.  Please do not shut this heat off.  If any major issues need to be addressed with the facilities please call one of the officers immediately to report the issue.  The numbers are on the wall by the phone. 

In addition to the club rules we would like our members, guests and the general public to be versed in the NRA Gun Safety Rules and the NRA Parent's Guide to Gun Safety.  The links below will point you to the NRA website for these important guidelines.

NRA Gun Safety Rules

NRA Parent's Guide to Gun Safety

Range Rules

1.   Positions 1 to 4:  .22 to .44 Magnum Pistol

2.   Positions 5 to 8:  .38 cal. Maximum – No Magnum Loads

3.   Positively NO Rifle Over .22 cal. Long Rifle to be Used.  Absolutely No .17 HMR allowed

4.   Positions 1,2,7 & 8 can only shoot at targets positioned at the full 50 Feet

5.   Postions 3 to 6 can only shoot at targets positioned from red line on floor to full 50 feet

6.   Absolutely No shooting at targets positioned in front of red line painted on the floor


8.   Positively NO Handling of Weapons When Any Member is Downrange.  Red Warning Light Should Also Always be illuminated at this time

9.   All New Members Should be Checked Out by the Range Safety Officer (Before Firing)

10.   NO Smoking 

11. Shotguns are Strictly Prohibited – Of Any Gauge or Shot Size - ***including Shotshells.  No .410 shells in pistols.

12. all shooting must be done from the firing line

13. no shooting from in front of the benches

14. no cross range shooting – firing only allowed at target in the shooters lane  - Pos. 1 Fires on Target 1 etc. for all positions

15. no target (including backing) shall extend more than 24 inches below the clip on the target hangers

16. All shooters must retrieve their targets and sweep up their brass

17. Put misfires in Yellow Metal Dud box on table

18. Members must sign the logbook and fill in all appropriate information

19. No Language or Conduct Unbecoming a Lady or Gentlemen

20. No Alcoholic Beverages to be Partaken of Within the Confines  of the Club Building

21. Possession or Use of Any Narcotics by Members or Guests Anywhere on Club Property is…Prohibited, Subject to Immediate Dismissal and Permanent Banishment from the Club

Anyone caught violating these range rules will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including loss of Club Membership.

Acushnet Rifle &  Pistol Club

215 Leonard St.
Acushnet, MA
(508) 995-8757

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