Pistol Team Schedules 

Below are the schedules for the Fall/Winter Cape Cod Pistol League and Twin County Pistol League.  The Cape Code Pistol League matches are shot on Monday nights.  The Twin County Pistol League matches are shot on Tuesday nights.

Conventional Pistol Matches

.22 Gallery Matches on Mon. & Tues for Cape and Twin League (Fall to Spring) and on Mon. only for Bullseye League (Summer).

Any number of shooters can participate in conventional pistol matches; the five highest scores make up the team's score. The 30-shot National Match Course is fired:

    * Slow Fire:   10 shots in 10 minutes.
    * Timed Fire: 5 shots in 20 seconds (repeated twice).
    * Rapid Fire:  5 shots in 10 seconds (repeated twice).

We Are Proud to Support the NRA and GOAL



Important Announcements

Our next club meeting is posted on the club calendar. Please try to attend if you can make it.

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